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Advice on Enrolling at the Florida State College at Jacsonville Essay

Guidance on Enrolling at the Florida State College at Jacsonville - Essay Example Numerous understudies pick FSCJ over different schools due to the individual methodology that FSCJ has, its well disposed condition, and the reasonable installment plans (â€Å"Florida State College at Jacsonville Reviews,† 20110). FSCJ obliges understudies under the Federal Student Aid or the individuals who expect to look for help from the legislature to back their school considers. To apply, understudies need to make sure about their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is accessible in the FAFSA Web destinations. The simplest method to apply for government understudy help is to apply on the web. Paper applications are additionally acknowledged yet they set aside more effort to process than online applications. The principal activity is to enroll and make sure about a pin number. To be qualified, candidates ought to show monetary ineptitude to help their investigation, be U.S. residents, take a crack at a qualified program, and completed secondary school. Moreover, male candidates 18â€25 years old should enlist for a chose administration. With respect to the prerequisites, candidates should make sure about reports, for example, secondary school confirmation, charge testament, etc. Endless supply of the prerequisites, candidates may then round out the application structure. Next, they should survey the Student Aid Report so as to know different issues relevant to their application, including how to catch up their application. Having chosen the course to take at FSCJ, the candidate should record their application for confirmation with the FSCJ while as yet hanging tight for their government understudy help application results. Like FAFSA, the FSCJ Web webpage offers online applications yet the school similarly acknowledges hand-conveyed or sent applications. Candidates are required to take position tests, for example, the ACT, FCAT, CPT, PERT, and SAT dependent upon the situation. These arrangement tests decide the applicantsâ€⠄¢ capacities in the branches of knowledge to enable them to choose what courses to take. what's more, in what callings they are likely exceed expectations in. Candidates who effectively meet the underlying prerequisites may then finish the school direction, which fundamentally fills in as the guide for new understudies. This program is intended to illuminate understudies regarding the standards, physical structure, and arrangements of the school. After fruition of the direction program, understudies will experience first-term prompting. These incorporate understanding the situation results, realizing what classes to take, and acquainting oneself with the enrollment procedure. Through this program, FSCJ guarantees every new understudy know about the school arrangements and that they don't hesitate to request help from the counselor if the necessities emerge. FSCJ takes exhorting and advising as a genuine duty. Educational plan encouraging is done to help understudies in accomplishin g their scholarly objectives, though advising attempts to control understudies in their own interests, for example, managing injuries or emergencies, adapting to pressure and issues, and enduring challenges achieved by impromptu pregnancy, family struggle, etc. Understudies may benefit of prompting and guiding help by bringing in the Counseling/Advising office and making sure about an arrangement. To guarantee making the correct strides in their examinations, understudies ought to are doled out to a scholastic counsel who will prompt them what classes to take particularly for the primary term. Understudies should know their advisor’s name and plan, and should visit their guides not just during enlistment. A solid affinity is empowered among counselors and advisees particularly for the individuals who are working, since they have to illuminate their guide regarding their own work routines. Likewise, when conversing with the counselor, understudies

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Recycled toothbrushes make sense Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Reused toothbrushes bode well - Essay Example This association can reinforce the brand picture of the organization before individuals who are worried about nature and help recycline accomplish its crucial safeguarding the earth. Extra ways the organization can advertise its item is by utilizing options in contrast to plastic in its bundling. This will additionally demonstrate the company’s ability to accomplish better natural measures. It can likewise utilize garbage jars or other arranged material in its creation office to permit reusing. Moreover, the utilization of natural methods of advertising, for example, planting a tea joined by organization marking can likewise fill the need as clients will begin to connect green with Recycline. As the organization develops bigger it will confront noteworthy difficulties in improving its creation. So as to keep up its aphorism of utilizing reused items, it should look for organization with government and nongovernmental offices to encourage them in getting arranged material that can be utilized as potential contributions for their item. Besides they will likewise need to grow their breeze creation office. Promoting should take the ATL course more frequently and spending on advertising will likewise must be

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Seeples Spotlight Andrew Liu COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

Seeples Spotlight Andrew Liu COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog This semester the Office of Admissions welcomed three new Program Assistants (PAs) to the team. This week Im introducing you to each of them in the form of self-interviews. Next up, Andrew Liu. Hes studying International Security Policy, worked in the Pentagons Office of the Secretary of Defense as a security policy intern last summer, and served as an active duty Marine for about seven years. Heres what he has to say about his time at SIPA. What were you doing before you came to SIPA? Before SIPA, I served in the US military as an active duty Marine for almost seven years. My assignments have taken me from the Quantico Highlands of Virginia to the sunny beaches of Southern California and the hot deserts of Afghanistan. I’ve worked in managerial roles as a platoon commander and in planning and advisory positions as a staff officer. What attracted you to SIPA and Columbia University? I was attracted to SIPA and Columbia University for both professional and personal reasons. I decided on SIPA for its reputation and faculty and its location. I knew the school’s prestige and faculty would best support my career change into policy. Earning a master’s degree from a top-tier program is a major requirement of the field. I knew that being affiliated with certain institutions alone presented career opportunities. I was also impressed by the school’s faculty. To me, a two-year investment in education was only worth it if I was being instructed by a world-class faculty of leading scholars, thinkers, and practitioners. As a New York native, I wanted to spend more time with my family. At the time of my decision, it had already been seven years since I moved away. I knew that a career in defense and security policy would keep me away from NYC, so I figured I spend as much time as possible with my family beforehand. What most surprised you about SIPA after you arrived? I was most surprised by the policy/culture-focused delegations throughout the school year (winter and spring break/summer). These student-led trips are generally planned out by peers native to each destination. For example, this past winter break, there were trips to Israel and Palestine, South Africa, and China. There are trips going to Morocco and Japan this spring. Some of my Russian/Central Asian friends planned a group trip to the Russian Federation last summer and are working on a Central Asia itinerary this year. Imagine visiting a best friend that moved abroad and who happens to work for the government in said country. How did you find the core curriculum at SIPA? The core curriculum was rigorous and necessary. I was particularly apprehensive about economics and quantitative analysis since it had been ten years since I’ve done anything related. I realized how necessary it was during my internship at the Pentagon. I was working on the NATO policy team when Brexit happened; I was able to break down and analyze its economic implications for the future of the Alliance. How did you obtain your internship? The International Security Policy concentration planned a trip to DC to visit SIPA/Columbia alumni and officials working in the executive and legislative branches of US government. We met with staff from the White House, Department of Defense, State Department, Treasury, Office of Management and Budgeting, and Congress. At the end of the trip, I sent out thank you email which subsequently connected me to an internship. [Photo courtesy of Andrew Liu | Andrew during a SIPA Israel Delegation trip]

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Project Management Recommendation - 620 Words

Dear Mr. Gritsch: In continuation of your email dated February 10, 2014, I have completed analysis of three projects: Juniper, Palomino and Stargazer. The risk levels in Juniper, Palomino, and Stargazer are low, medium, and high respectively. It is in the best interest of Piper Industries Corporation to move forward with the Stargazer project. Stargazer is selected due to its feasibility and risk level. From market feasibility study, some strategic customers have already indicated interest in the product. Therefore, I would recommend that the board invest in the project, Stargazer; particularly because the company has already invested $450,000 and the ROI is very high. My feasibility study focused on Return on Investment†¦show more content†¦The following phases / process groups will be used to complete the project: 1. Project conception and initiation The conception of the project is that the project is a new line widget product including enhancements through the use of existing technology. The initiation of this project will be upon the approval of the project by the CEO. 2. Project definition and planning Stage two of the project is making a project plan. The project plan will be completed by the project team with the consultation of the technicians and experts. The project plan will be in writing and will be well defined. 3. Project launch or execution The project plans and task will be discussed amongst all team members and the task will be divided among the project team. 4. Project performance and control The project manager will be the leader of the project. His or her task will be to monitor performance and control. All project team members are responsible in evaluating each other and helping the team to perform better together. 5. Project close The project will be closed only upon completion of the project, evaluation of the project, and client approval of the project. Key deliverables associated with the selected project: If after the Estimated Budget at Completion of $575,000 is spent and the product is developed as specified in the project plan, then the projectShow MoreRelatedProject Management Recommendation For Company s Future Growth1450 Words   |  6 Pages Project Management Recommendation Your name OPS/571 Aug 19, 2013 Faculty Project Management Recommendation Dear Mr. Gritsch, Thank you very much for your confidence in our expertise and competency to analyze newly proposed project for company’s future growth to capture more market share in our specialties. As mentioned in your email note, â€Å"the first project Juniper is an enhancement of a current widget being offered by the company, the second project Palomino is a new line of widget productsRead MoreProject management Essay963 Words   |  4 PagesProject Management Recommendation Cali Hadafow OPS/571 May 12, 2014 Project Management Recommendation Piper Industries Corporation Project Management Recommendation Dear Project Manager, In response it is to your previous E-mail with the attention of the projects of Juniper, Palomino and Stargazer. The team is found and analyzed the three projects, assessed the risk that each project contains as well as returns on investment (ROI). There are many aspects one should thinkRead MoreChange Management Theory Essay1673 Words   |  7 Pagesanalysis of corporate management. The analysis includes evaluating the client’s management practices and providing recommendations on potential change management techniques, which may improve the processes the company employs when transitioning to a new technology. Goal of change management process is the improvement of an implementation tempered by bottom-line realities. The agenda for the presentation includes the problem statement, the engagement scope, company’s change management history, discussionRead MoreNutrigrow1239 Words   |  5 Pagesdecade. With the expectation of increase business, management has assigned the payroll department with the task of implementing payroll best practices in order to transform into an efficient high performance team. The payroll department must thoroughly examine existing practices and choose how to best achieve the vision that management has set for them. Payroll must also identify other issues that happen as a result of this project and recommend solutions to these issues. This report willRead MoreProject Proposal Essay1152 Words   |  5 Pagesseven to eight (7-8) page paper in which you: 1. Recommend a project portfolio management method for your selected project. Provide a rationale for your recommendation. Note: Be sure to align your project with the strategic efforst of the organization. 2. Create an outline of an executive summary that includes the type of problem, requirements, and proposed business problems solutions. 3. State the vision and the goal of the project. Note: Be sure that the goals are specific, Measurable, AttainableRead MoreThe Career Of An Operations Manager At A Call Center963 Words   |  4 Pagescenters are a great way to show how tools are being implemented throughout the day. There is a need for an operations manager to utilize the tools necessary for the business to survive. They use many tools but I am focusing on a few. Quality management which is used to assure that the agents who are taking the calls met the expectations of the customers and fulfilling their duties at work as well. Forecasting which is determined by how many leads that are available, by the number of agents, theRead MoreOrganizational Biology And The Information Management1661 Words   |  7 PagesWithin Synaptic’s organization, there is a distinct disconnect between the Computational Biology and the Information Management (IM) groups. There is a visible lack of knowledge and information sha ring between the two. Drastic measures must take place so they can learn to work together to bridge the gap that is between them. Project governance is desperately needed by both the Computational Biology and IM groups as well as the overall organization. Problem Definition: Cultural Challenges DifferencesRead MorePeachtree Healthcare Essay1392 Words   |  6 PagesRecommendation for Peachtree Healthcare Marc A. Moore CMGT 583 IS Integration 25 March 2013 John Sallee Recommendation for Peachtree Healthcare This paper will make some recommendation for Peachtree Healthcare to solve its IT problems using the case study from Harvard Business Review. Choosing one of four commentator’s opinion from the commentaries, will help distinguish which one will make the most sense for the organization. Peachtree Healthcare Read MoreBusiness Architectural Proposal Essay examples863 Words   |  4 Pagesbusiness architecture scope will include every phase necessary for the smooth operation of Smart Homes, which includes, financial, IT, sales, and human resource. The outcome of this scope will be subject to change depending on the project needs. The scope of this project will include the following: Data Collection * Analysis of the active business practices to determine ineffectiveness. * Analysis of IT policies and procedure. * Surveys of the current market to determine target areasRead MoreProject Management Techniques For Success And Failure1589 Words   |  7 PagesProject Management Techniques for Success and Failure Individual Assignment BPM501, Semester 1 2016 Table of Contents Executive Summary 1. Introduction 2 2. Project Classification 2 2.1 project success factor 2.2 cause of project failure 2.3 project success factor of IT 2.4 project failure factor of IT 3. Scope of the literature 4 3.1 Key words 3.2 Databases 3.3 Journals 4. Background (Headings and subheadings) 5 5. Discussion 6. Recommendations 7. Conclusion 8. Your

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Diversity Is Like A Salad - 880 Words

Diversity in America is like a salad. Each piece of the lettuce holds its own identity but the whole salad is mixed together and held in one bowl. Likewise each person has a distinct difference from one another, but we are all living in the same country. 1. Why did you decide to take this course? Being that I am a young African American female I wanted to go to a prestigious college with a mixture of different cultures. Learning about my culture along with other ones was an important part of growing up. When I came across this class I really was interested in what it had to offer. Not knowing what I want to specifically focus on in the psychology field I decided to dig deeper in the cross culture diversity section by taking this class. 2. Recall the incident in which you first became aware of differences. What was your reaction? Were you the focus of attention, or were others? How did that affect how you reacted to the situation? At a young age I started to notice the differences between the races and cultures. Why wasn’t my hair like the other kids at the school? Why was my skin much darker? I was constantly teased and called names like brownie or blackie. I felt as if I were the ugly duckling. I stuck out like a sore thumb being that I was one of the few African American children that were in 4th grade. Finally, I decided I didn’t want to be different, I asked my mom to make my hair look like the other little girls in class. In fact it got to the point where I beganShow MoreRelatedImmigrant Influence On Culture And Society1010 Words   |  5 Pages The United States has been called different terms when describing immigration, the most popular term was â€Å"melting pot†, but lately the more politically correct term is â€Å"salad bowl†. The melting pot better describes American society because the cultures have blended together and became more accepting of each other. The history of immigration in the United States has been greatly shaped by immigrant influence on culture and society, the nation’s fluid immigration laws, and how incoming immigrantsRead MoreMcdonald s : A Successful Fast Food Eateries954 Words   |  4 Pagesupgrading its menu to include healthier alternatives. Although McDonald’s has had its fair share of criticism on its high-calorie menu, their leadership and diversification of their employee roster has been highly recognised. Company environments like the Women’s Leadership Network helps shed light on women who contribute greatly to McDonald’s and helps them build a career platform in senior management positions. Other company environments that contribute to the growth of an employee/employer isRead MoreAmerica: Melting Pot vs. Salad Bowl2318 Words   |  10 PagesAmerica: Melting Pot vs. Salad Bowl Multiculturalism is also known as ethnic diversity relating to communities containing multiple cultures. The term is used in two different broad ways, descriptively and normatively. By using the descriptive term, we usually refer to the simple fact of cultural diversity. This can be applied to the demographic make-up of a specific place and sometimes at the organizational level such as schools, neighborhoods or nations. The normative term is often referred toRead MoreMcdonald s For New Eating Option859 Words   |  4 Pagesinformation and hope parents can hold their birthday parties in McDonald’s as well. As a result, children will want to jump on this bandwagon to make friends admire them. ï  ¬ Family package option McDonald’s could provide family box with hamburger, fries, salad and even coffee together to satisfy both parents and children demands. ï  ¬ Happy hour (from 2pm to 4pm) McDonald’s could have Happy hour which is between 2pm to 4pm that is the time the classes are over. McDonald’s could offer dessert promotion thatRead MoreThe Article What Every American Should Know By Eric Liu1504 Words   |  7 Pagesthe struggles, the rapidly changing, and all of the multicultural issues that continually expands through every day of the culture wars. So within this article Liu is confronting a very substantial topic, which he asserts the problem of cultural diversity or the culture wars inside of the United States. In the article Liu provides the reader with many different examples all the way from cultural literacy, multiculturalism, and many examples from history over the years. Liu also expresses these examplesRead MoreKroger Company s Owner, The Great Western Tea Company909 Words   |  4 PagesHistory: In 1883, Bernard Kroger, who is Kroger Company’s owner, opened the Great Western Tea Company in Cincinnati when he was 22. In 1902, the company became Kroger Grocery and Baking Company after growing to 40 stores in different cities like Cincinnati and northern Kentucky. The company continued growing thorough buying smaller, cash-strapped companies. Moreover, in the late 1920s, the company gained Piggly Wiggly stores, and in early 1940s, the company bought most of the Piggly Wiggly stockRead MoreMulticultural Education : A Truly Multicultural Mosaic1259 Words   |  6 Pagessense that our world was moving towards multiculturalism. Some see the old metaphor, the â€Å"melting pot† fading away within the last decade and has grown into a new term(s) like the â€Å"salad bowl† and â€Å"mosaic†. These two terms can best be defined as mixtures of ingredients that each keeps their own individual characteristics (i.e. a salad bowl and a mosaic). Joyce Millet says it best, â€Å"Immigrant populations within the United States are not being blended together in one â€Å"pot†, but rather they are transformingRead MoreThe Weekly Seminars Of Food, Culture, And Society With Nine Different Speakers967 Words   |  4 Pagescaused by sedative life style predominantly, we often to choose eat foods that are more tasteful, easy, and quick leading to increase in population obesity. It is also rather funny how when the same dish was labeled pasta or salad, that most perceived the dish labeled salad to be healthier without second doubt according to one academic research. Then we dug to the root cause of our natural gravitation towards unhealthy foods and found out that it is due to our predisposition acquired at one pointRead MoreOrganizational Behavior : An Organization1596 Words   |  7 Pagesorganizational behavior of encouragement, ethical practices, as well as trust and commitment to see the vision and mission to fruition. Type of Culture The Ripple Effect Organization is an organization with a vision to make a difference in the diversity of lives that make up the society in which it resides. The Ripple Effect helps individuals to become productive members of their community, providing opportunity to eliminate self-limiting strongholds and barriers keeping them from being a happyRead MoreThe Influx Of Immigrants During The United States Essay1554 Words   |  7 Pagesperiod. For example, the 1880s were characterized by an increase of eastern and southern Europeans, while post-1965 has seen an increased presence of immigrants primarily from Latin America and Asia (Barone 12). Each wave of immigrants adds to the diversity of the U.S. population by bringing their own languages, religions, customs, culture, etc. Despite the open-door policy that once prevailed in America, each of these groups faces prejudice from some Americans who feel threaten by their presence. That

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Why We Should Ban Cell Phones And Driving Free Essays

Every day, millions of people get in their vehicles and drive. Some are mothers, some are fathers, some are students, yet all are in danger from preventable accidents caused by cell phones. For proof that cell phone accidents are increasing, people simply need to look at sections of websites devoted entirely to car accidents caused by people using cell phones while driving (Car Accidents). We will write a custom essay sample on Why We Should Ban Cell Phones And Driving or any similar topic only for you Order Now We live in the now generation. We want everything as soon as possible and preferably before we know we want it. Imagine how many people turn their cell phones on and call people the instant their plane lands, minutes before their plane reaches the gate. Cellular phones feed into our need to have information and always be connected, but that need is only safe as long as common sense is used. When common sense is not in effect, driving while using a cell phone can be dangerous. Problems Cell phone accidents injure 330,000 people a year and kill 2,600 a year (Britt 2005). Most people have seen someone talking on a cell phone and driving erratically. They are typically not hard to see because they are usually weaving into the next lane or have poor reflexes when confronted with a red or green light. We ban drinking and driving because there are so many deaths and injuries caused by it, so why do we continue to ignore the dangers of calling and driving? The problem has not gone unnoticed. The government has recognized the risk of driving while calling and have enacted legislature to counteract the increasing number of people involved in accidents caused by distracted drivers. Yet each state has different laws regarding cell phones and driving. Based on the most recent statistics (2008), some states like California talking on the phone (unless it is on the speaker) while driving, and certain groups of people from using the phone. Other states, like Louisiana, do not have any restrictions on using cell phones while driving (Edgar Snyder and Associates). Statistics Cell phones have made our lives more convenient but also more dangerous. Cell phones have 250 million users in the United States, a number that is increasing yearly at a rate of 40%. Studies have also discovered that cell phone use while driving increases the chance of a car accident. Even the task of dialing numbers can cause a person to potentially lose control of the vehicle. Incidentally, most people who were in car accidents while driving were on the phone. Out of the plethora of accidents where cell phones were involved, the drivers hit large objects that would have been avoidable had the driver been focusing on the road (Edgar Snyder and Associates). People who believe that they have excellent reflexes and can avoid a crash are incorrect. It was found that a 20-year-old driver talking on a cell phone has the reflexes of a 70-year-old driver not talking on a cell phone (Britt 2005). People who use hands-free cell phones also contribute to the heightened danger on the road. The mitigating factor in accidents involving cell phones is distraction. The problem is that the drivers can see the road, but they are not involved in what is happening on the road. As strange as it seems, a study found that it is categorically safer to have a person driving with a blood alcohol level greater than . 08 on the road driving than to have a person talking on a cell phone driving (Britt 2005). How to Help Now that we know the extent of the problem, what can we do to prevent those unnecessary accidents from claiming more lives, maybe even the life of someone we love? With inconsistent legislation among the states regarding cell phone use and driving, there is a chance that you have driven in a state with very relaxed or nonexistent laws about driving with cell phones. There are several ways people can protect themselves when driving with a cell phone. A spokeswoman for the California Highway Patrol, Anne Da Vigo suggests pulling off of the road for extended phone calls, to tell the person you are talking to on the phone that you are driving, ask any passengers accompanying you to do the talking, keep the call short and only use the phone when you need to. (Goepel 2003). Legislature Even though those steps are beneficial when using a cell phone while driving, it is not enough to keep the safe cell phone drivers away from the dangerous ones. We need to petition our government to ban any form of cellular phone use while driving. The government will not know how concerned we are about the dangers of driving while calling unless we bring more attention to the situation. Twenty-two of the 50 states have no legislature banning driving while on a cell phone. That means that people in 44% of the states in the United States are at in increased danger of being in an accident caused by a driver talking on a cell phone (Edgar Snyder and Associates). The first steps for legislation come from the citizens, businesses, lobbyists, elected officials, etc. (Nevada Legislature). If we decide to ignore the initial steps to have a bill passed because we are confident someone else will do the work, we are wrong. We need to be a collective voice that lets our government know that we are tired of having innocent citizens hurt by distracted drivers. It is time for us to have our government to listen to what we have to say. We need to be proactive so we do not lose more people from our communities to senseless accidents. References Britt, R. R. (2005). Drivers on Cell Phones Kill Thousands, Snarl Traffic. LiveScience. Retrieved July 18, 2009 from LiveScience database. Car Accidents. Cell Phone Accidents Pictures Stories. Retrieved July 18, 2009, from http://www. car-accidents. com/cell_phone_car_accidents. html . Edgar Snyder and Associates. Car Accident Cell Phone Statistics. Retrieved July 18, 2009, from http://www. edgarsnyder. com/auto-accident/auto/cell/statistics. html . Goepel, J. (2003). Crashes caused by inattentive drivers are nothing new. Cell phones are the latest distraction. Via AAA Traveler’s Companion. Retrieved July 18, 2009 from VIA Magazine database. Nevada Legislature. How a Bill is Passed. Retrieved July 18, 2009, from http://www. leg. state. nv. us/General/im_just_a_bill. cfm . How to cite Why We Should Ban Cell Phones And Driving, Papers

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Retail Industries Oil & Gas

Question: Write an essay on Development in Oil and Gas Retail Industries? Answer: Introduction The UK downstream oil sector consists of over 200 companies that are involved in refining, distribution and marketing of petroleum products. The range of oil companies is members of UKPIA, other supermarket groups and independent retailer groups. There has been quite a growth and development in this sector as the market is split among power generates, industrial and transport, agricultural, government agencies, public services and military. There has been growth cited in the jet fuels and other transport fuels due to the rising demands. Thus, petrol covers 38 % of the road transport demand, and diesel represents 62% of the total demand. Hence, the following paragraphs discuss and uncover the factors that have lead to the development and have led to the growth of this sector (Steinberg, 2012). 1. Consumer needs as a business driver The consumers are essential factors of any business. The retailers use the consumer needs and want to market their products. Hence, consumer needs are not always inherently present but are also made. This consumer needs should be understood and catered to by the retailers to drive their business. According to the Deloitte report, the ultimate consumer needs for fuel and petroleum is the ease and convenience as well as the price. It is seen that consumers want better performance and service together. They feel that the (Petrol Filling Stations) PFS should be situated in 10miles interval. Also, due to the rising price of petroleum and other fuel, the availability of cheaper fuel, the customers are ready to drive an extra mile (Deloitte Study of the UK Petroleum Retail market, 2012). Market assessments done by forecourt retailing, finds the consumers paying more attention to price over distance. Thus, the availability of PFS is given second priority due to the price hike. Surveys show that consumers are ready to hunt for cheaper fuels across greater distance for finding conveniently priced fuel. Thus, the convenience of the availability was failing to get the right attention and success. A need was cited to use this behaviour to direct effective sales. A range of deals were introduced, and it has been seen that attractive fuels deals are the need of the hour. Apart from these factors, there are a few other features that attract the customers to the forecourts (UKPIA Statistical Review 2014 Statistical Review 2014, 2014). These are the grocery shops, loyalty card schemes, cash point and ATM services and also car wash features. Availability of this value added services will make sure people drive up to the PFS stations. The recent studies conducted by the Palmer an d Harvey shows that forecourts should be a more secure and safer place for nights and parcel pick-up services, or post offices could be a better way to get customers (Lode Napier, 2014). As already said and discussed that the majority of demand is for jet fuels but as these are not produced enough, the surplus fuel oil are converted to petroleum and diesel for export cases. The downward demand in transport fuel due to the economic crisis has affected the consumption. However the efficiency of the cars and the high performance has gained raise the demand for transport fuels, especially of diesel. It is also judged by some call centre programs and customer relationship programs. It is found that customers like the idea of a loyalty scheme and when prompted offered great insights into their needs and demands regarding the filling stations. Other recent customer needs are the efficiency of fuels and less impact on the environment. The biofuels are heavily in demand, and lead-free petroleum is the recent trend that is widely being adopted. Hence, to gain customer trust and foster sales, the companies and refineries must invest in providing cleaner fuels that will burn less. It's a huge demand, but the popularity of the idea has gained much access in the market, thus driving changes and newer growths into the market. 2. Relationship with fuel suppliers The major oil terminals are supplied by the pipeline, rail and sea from UK refineries. Around 3000 miles of pipeline are used in delivering the oil. These pipelines are owned either privately or by the government and provide various kinds of oil product, and thus the distribution system is far and wide. It takes several days for the fuel to reach the destination and hence the pipelines and tanks should be regularly maintained (Rahmoun and Debabi, 2012). The filling station retailers make their purchase of fuels from the supply division of the oil companies and the independent fuel suppliers. Thus, a contract, or supply agreement is formed between the two parties that are maintained by the relationship. The contract refers to the price that is needed to be paid by the PFS retailers. It is a Platts Plus charge where, Platts is the international benchmark, whereas the plus is the extra that the supplier charges. Thus to enhance this relationship and the framework of business other elements are also added to the contract. This is the credit card system, fuel cards and loyalty cards, pump maintenance and stock management services (Collins, 2014). This relationship is affected by the availability and the types of fuels that are available with the supplier. The nature and form of the contract also define the stability of the relationship. The payment terms are often revised and thus can change the balance of the relationship. Finally, the logistic arrangement and delivery also matters in maintaining the relationship (WU, ZHANG and WANG, 2010). The independent dealers have a different approach in maintaining the relationships with fuel suppliers. These approaches are, the payment terms are shorter, the choice is much reduced, the contract terms are different and the delivery site is included in the contract (, 2015). In a lot of markets, the oil companies have tried to ease out and reduce the cost of trading through channels and putting more focus on the implementation or operation models on multiple sites. However, the focus should also be on the sustainability of the channel of trade and efficiency in the service. Thus, there is a need to engage in building a stable relationship with the suppliers so as the cost reduced and value is maintained at all level. This will ensure that better product is delivered to the customers. A range of activities like supplier management and monitoring could be taken up to foster the relationship with suppliers. It is a key segment of driving business growth and marketing as well as organisational communication activities will achieve the target ('UK oil and gas development potential assessed', 2000). 3. Level of competition There are already many fuels available in the market with different features and attributes and of different use. It is already sighted that there is greater demand for jet fuels, but the other major fuel segments are LPG, petrol, diesel, etc. Also, there are quite many refiners in the UK market raising the level of competition (, 2015). The Deloitte report suggests that there is certain brand loyalty to the public. But owing to the recent fuel hike, the consumers are becoming largely price sensitive and thus the ones with the best offers are gaining the market shares. Other factors that led to competition are distance and the time was taken to arrive at a PFS or the number and size and geographical condition of the place where the PFS is situated. Another important factor is the type of company operating in the PFS area. The growth of hypermarkets is another factor that has lead to the PFS owners compete with the retail price. This reduces the gross margins. The hypermarkets offer more discounts to the customers and thus, the PFS owners have to upgrade themselves to face the completion. The entry of large supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury in the retail petrol scenario has upped the competition in the market by reducing the retail price. Another most crucial factor that has driven the business is the growth of non-fuel sales that attracts the customers. The forecourt that offers better shopping opportunities to the customers are more appreciated, and thus a competition has arisen out of the urge to deliver better options to the customers. The intense completion has led to many PFS and petrol pumps shutting down and the ones at the hypermarket staying back. But those who are sustaining had to integrate a wide range of new attributes and marketing activities to thrust the business (Macalister, 2014). On the other hand, it is reported that the UK oil companies are lagging behind in the international scenario, and this is due to the rising cost of exploration and recovery of oil. Thus, the completion regarding resources, including human and other physical resources is also significant in driving the competition. The UK government department and agencies have helped the industry sustain its competitiveness. Competitiveness leads to an urge to fight and excel and thus would ensure business growth. Hence, the competitive ground must be maintained at all levels. Another strategy that is being adopted recently to foster the completion is the merger and the acquisition, and it has to be proven that the merger would not degrade the level of competition (Promoting Competition in the Natural Gas Industry, 2002). The competition had also been beneficial in driving employment, as attaining human resource was one of the factors of competition. Also, these means great values are being provided to the customers. Increased satisfaction means growth in demand and thus in a way, completion will also have a huge impact on driving the business growth in the particular sector. 4. Government and regulatory policy The oil industry and more particularly the PFS system of UK are affected but the government policies and regulations. The regulatory policies like environment and safety standards, along with the Fuel duty, VAT, business rates and corporation tax are the drivers of government policies that have quite an impact on the oil industry of UK (Rutledge, Wright and Boardman, 2010). The increase in the business rates or the rateable value will lead to forecourts closing down after 2015. Thus, the impact on the industry will be huge. Also, currently the fuel duty and VAT consists 60% of the ultimate retail price. Thus, the increase in the VAT and fuel duty will be different for different PFS owners as they have different contract terms. Thus, the rising costs will impact the retailers and the PFS owners in a different manner (Simpson, 2011). The environmental and safety policy is another factor that is paid more attention recently. The biofuels, air pollution and vapour recovery are important factors that are essential to kept in check. Biofuel are more or less renewable energy sources and is the answer to the future energy use. The E10 and E5 petrol with a proportionate mixture of ethanol and petrol have increased the share of the renewable energy sources in the transport sector. Thus, the supermarkets and PFS owners must keep sufficient stock of these fuels to receive the good eye of the government fuel emission and service standards. Inability to do so will lead to closing down of many companies (Managi, 2007). Another feature is vapour recovery that prevents and reduces the emission of volatile gases and other organic compounds. Thus, the PFS owners and other companies must integrate vapour recovery to their systems to attain the Petrol stage II. This will raise the standard and efficiency of the system and will suffice the government. Another key driver is the government's urge to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by 80%. This means engineering of efficient cars to get cleaner fuels. A rise in the cost of fuels is cited due to this reason and the competition in the industry to provide and distribute cleaner fuels to the mass. It means a reinvigorated competitive scenario, this tome with serious and different implications (Ambituuni, Amezaga and Emeseh, 2014). Finally, the last factor that is paid attention is the safety process in retrieving and distribution of oil to different stations and pumps. Occupational health and safety must also be held by the PFS, hypermarkets and the refineries so that quality is maintained and at the same time, the government regulation is followed and appeased. The refining and the marketing industry have already maintained a high standard in this sector, thus gaining complete support from government agencies when it comes to human control and management. Injuries reported are very low as the high level of attention is paid to safe practices. Thus, the workplace situation is healthy and less environmental implications. The government supports the industry in context to these features, and there is a wide scope of business growth for the industry owing to this attributes and futures that are followed strictly. Conclusion The business in the UK petroleum retail market is a combined discussion of the hypermarkets, refineries and the PFS ownership. There are many factors that have driven the business growth, and these include the high fuel prices owing to the fewer resources and costly recovery methods and unavailability of upgraded features. Thus measuring all the factors four specific points are highlighted which impacts the business growth. These factors like consumer demand, relationship with suppliers, the level of competition and the governmental policies and regulations have had a quite impact on the business growth and thus are discussed elaborately. Finally the opportunities and the future market trends are also guessed at. References Ambituuni, A., Amezaga, J. and Emeseh, E. (2014). Analysis of safety and environmental regulations for downstream petroleum industry operations in Nigeria: Problems and prospects. Environmental Development, 9, pp.43-60. Collins, N. (2014). Fuel prices: the 'rocket and feather effect' explained. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Aug. 2015]. Deloitte Study of the UK Petroleum Retail market. 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